I began practicing law in 2017 in the area of family law, focused on divorce and child custody. To be honest, family law was not my first choice. Regardless, seeing the importance of family law work, I still strove to serve clients well, helping them reach their goals without long, protracted litigation. In family law, nearly 95% of my cases settle without the need for trial, and I am often able to avoid contested motion practice that can costs clients thousands of dollars they don’t want to spend. My approach to family law is collaborative because I believe the faster families can reach resolution, the better off a long-term parenting relationship or the financial outcome will be. 

Family law work has helped me understand the family lives of many of my clients today. But my primary passion in the practice of law is estate planning. That desire stems from personal experiences with death and incapacity of people that I love. Through my experiences, I have learned the best gift we can give our families is a plan for their future that leaves them financially and emotionally secure, while taking back control from the courts; which reduces family conflict. 

As a mom to young children, I more clearly than ever realize that estate planning and planfulness in general is for the people we love more than for ourselves. 

In addition to lawyering and being a mom, I love to play and watch sports, crochet, and spend time with family and friends. I also enjoy serving my community through church and volunteer activities. I look forward to serving you. 

Taylor N. Kaspar

Attorney and Counselor at Law



Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 2017

Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude

Ashford University, 2014

Master of Arts, Education

Coe College, 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish


Minnesota State Bar Association

Dakota County Bar Association

Rule 114 Qualified Neutral